[UPDATE: this event is over but you can listen to my talk here.]


A few weeks ago, I mentioned an interview I did with a major network where the host asked me, “What’s next for the evolving empath?”

This has been brewing in me for the past couple of months and I haven’t been able to talk about it until now as the network has been busily preparing for this event behind the scenes.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that I was interviewed by The Shift Network and am honored to be among more than 30 of today’s leading empathy experts, authors, and inspiring teachers — including Dr. Judith Orloff, Grandmother Flordemayo, Wendy De Rosa, Sonia Choquette, Dr. Christine Page, Grandmother Sasa, Titanya Dahlin, Jean Haner, Rollin McCraty, and others — sharing transformational strategies that promise to take you to a higher octave as a healthy empath.

Personally, I’m most excited that The Shift Network’s reach is infinitely far beyond my own (like in another Universe kind of far!) and I get to help hundreds of thousands, even millions, more empaths and sensitive souls discover their true abilities and gifts. To be able to serve in this massive way is beyond humbling, and to serve alongside a global movement whose mission is to create a sustainable, peaceful, healthy and prosperous world is a dream come true.

But enough about me! Let’s talk about YOU and what we created for YOU, dear one!

The Evolutionary Empath Summit is a free online event from May 14-17, 2019 where you’ll discover how to turn your sensitivity into your superpower!

You’ve heard me talk about how your sensitivities are a gift. Some of you believe me, some of you want to believe me, and some of you call B.S. That’s okay. Regardless of what you believe, now you can actually experience it for yourself.

Your ability to sense energy can empower your intuition — and we need YOU to bring your perceptions, ideas, and magnificent abilities to the world with everything you’ve got!

When you have the tools to ground into your power, you can stop feeling like a sponge and start becoming empowered by your sensitivity. This is how you serve and help create the peaceful world you desperately yearn for and want to live in. Become a part of this shift.

Whether you’re in survival mode and simply want to get out from underwater so you can breathe, or you’re beyond survival and ready to truly thrive, The Evolutionary Empath Summit will show you how.

During this groundbreaking 3-day event, you’ll:

  • Discover the key characteristics of being sensitive, empathic, and intuitive — and the similarities and differences between them
  • Receive strategies for self-care, recovering from burnout, and preventing overwhelm from striking in the first place
  • Ground into your own energy so you don’t take on the energy of others at your own expense
  • Explore modalities for healing from unhealthy family dynamics or multi-generational patterns
  • Uncover fresh insights into parenting if you’re a highly sensitive person or an empath — and/or if your children are sensitive, intuitive, or empathic
  • Develop yourself as a leader with sensitive entrepreneurship skills

We’ll offer you a clear path to your next level of sensitivity development — with easy-to-pick-up-and-run-with tools, tips, and practices that will enhance your internal guidance system.

Whether you’re newly aware of being an empath or a highly sensitive person… or you’re ready to step into unstoppable empowerment when it comes to owning your empathic gifts…

… join me for this one-of-a-kind online series (at no charge) as we illuminate the path for you to rise to your full potential and fulfill your highest mission and purpose.

In love and light,


[UPDATE: this event is over but you can listen to my talk here.]