Finding Help in Unlikely Places… Like Your Bra! (Guest Post)

Many of my readers rave about the power of crystals and stones. While I don’t doubt the impact they’ve had on their lives, I’ve always felt that it’s the energy of the person and their intentions, thoughts and beliefs that bring about the healing, not necessarily the crystals themselves. Until recently, I hadn’t yet fully embraced the woo-woo-ness of the energetic power of crystals. The idea that certain crystals carry certain healing or attracting energies – in and of themselves – seemed a bit “out there”. 


Yea, I know… coming from someone who sees stick figures, I totally get the irony of that statement. 


I don’t know why I was close-minded about it but recognizing that I’d slammed up against a limiting belief, I decided to get a crystal and see for myself how it works. Fascinated by an article I recently read about a woman who started a business of hiding crystals in your bra, I headed over to her website at HiddenHippie.com and bought a crystal.


Next week, I’ll write about the crazy thing that happened to me after I started shoving crystals down my bra, but today, I’m so happy to share an article that the founder of Hidden Hippie, Laura Ellis, wrote exclusively for us! I told her about my disbelief, my experiment and about you, lovely readers, and she wrote this post to explain the power of healing crystals, how they help her stop absorbing other people’s moods and how they can help you, too. Hope you enjoy it!


What do you do when you’re super sensitive and feel like you might burst with emotions, but your identity is so strongly tied to being rational and poised that you’re left bottling everything in?


Perhaps, like I was, you’re in an intense corporate environment where above all, you must. be. professional. AKA no emotions on sleeves! And besides, even if you could just let it all out and share your feelings to everyone, that doesn’t feel like you either.


It’s not that you want to share all your sensitive emotions, you just need help processing them.


Well, we’re in the same boat.


I’ve always prided myself on being a Type A, ambitious go-getter that doggedly goes after what she wants ~cough~ Capricorn ~cough~. But with that comes the tendency to overwork, heap too much pressure on myself and ultimately burn out. Throw in being super sensitive and soaking up the energy of others and, well, let’s just say I learnt early on that I needed to find some balance.


It turns out that the help I needed was from an unlikely source…


Energy healers. I’m talking things like reiki, kinesiology and BodyTalk.


I grew up with a far more science than spiritual experiences, so you could say I was a litttttle resistant – what if my brothers found out? I’d be teased for years. Or coworkers. I couldn’t bear the idea of being ridiculed, judged, and possibly lose the credibility I’d worked so hard for. I was still scarred with embarrassment from the one time a coworker found a list of “Things are great! I am enough!” affirmations on my desk… I wasn’t in a rush to let them know there was even more to it!


Regardless, I quietly stuck with it for years because rain, hail or shine, it worked for me.


Despite this, sometimes you’re thrown into environments where you need a trick or tool to help you in the right now. You don’t have time to wait until your next reiki session! Sometimes, you really need help shielding yourself from the small day to day stuff before it builds up. You know, like when you’re in a cramped, beige office with no windows. Day in, day out, it’s just you, walls and the delightful company of a snarky pessimist.


As luck would have it, it was during one of these times that I was introduced to healing crystals. They were perfect! A talisman, a little piece of energy clearing zen to carry with me!


Or could I?


No offense to new-age spiritual stores, but wire wrapped obelisks and orbs don’t go well with my corporate getup.


And pockets? They were few and far between so I could scrap that idea.


So, what’s a girl to do?


Well, this girl started hiding them in her bra.


And like every other alternative, hippie thing I’ve tried, it worked like a charm, no pun intended.


Keeping them discreet felt like I had a secret weapon under my dress! Magic. Plus, because they were hidden, there were no awkward office conversations about my private hippie ways.


I remember feeling like I had an energy force field protecting me when I went into the office. I’d arrive feeling happy and like myself (thank you joyful, abundant Citrine), and when my cheerful hellos were greeted with “uuugggh, it’s Wednesday. I hate Wednesday’s” the negativity just slipped off me. Not more absorbing of other peoples ‘meh’ moods, so I was able to stay in control and balanced throughout the day.


You may be wondering what the hell I’m going on about – healing crystals? How exactly do they help with your emotion and energy?


Here’s the lowdown: crystals are known to clear and protect energy, and even attract and amplify the energy they’re associated with. In a nutshell, they’re all about good joo-joo. There are crystals to attract and promote everything – love, joy, money, creativity.


But what if you’re not sold on the whole energy part? That’s cool too. I think it’s safe to say their good vibes don’t just turn off because you’re not quite sold on the ~woo-woo~ part. So really, whether you believe in that part or not, it’s a win-win.


The most important part in trying new things is the intention behind it.  


In fact, here’s how they work for me…


Ever noticed how when you decide you’re in the market for a new skirt, suddenly all you see are skirts, skirts, skirts? It’s the same deal.


When you pick a crystal that’s associated with what you want to bring in to your life, and you see or touch it throughout the day, you’re training your mind to pay attention to the little openings and opportunities that roll your way to fulfill that goal.


Yep, a pretty reminder to keep your eyes peeled.


If I’m carrying some aquamarine for example — the calming, courageous crystal — I’m reminded throughout the day to take deep breaths and respond with poise when I feel a little worked up and would normally react with frustration.


One time I was wearing aquamarine when a guy stepped on the back of my shoe. My favorite shoes. My favorite white shoes. Greaaaaat. Now they had a big obvious tread mark that had to be professionally removed. Reminded of my intention for the day when I chose to carry aquamarine, I took a deep breath before gently thanking the dude for his apology, calling a shoe fixer upper and moving on with my day. No more tension and negativity swelling up in my chest. Calllllllmmmmm.


Like a lot of people, I get reallllllllllly nervous public speaking so I’ve also used it to keep me from losing my marbles before running workshops and talks. It pulls me into the present, reminding me of my intention to relax and have courage.


Simply put, they train you to look for what it is you want to attract. They increase awareness and open your eyes to opportunities out there that are what you want, but may be missing.


So if you’re like me – perhaps a little introverted and private – and the idea of sharing your emotions with the world is a bit of a stretch, try something a little different. Throw everything at it. For me, it was working with all sorts of energy healers and crystals. Maybe it’ll work for you too!

Laura is the founder and creator of Hidden Hippie where she’s all about finding what works for you (even if it’s a little quirky!) to live an abundant life. Head to HiddenHippie.com and sign up for their monthly crystal giveaway. You’ll also get updates and early access to her flagship course, FULL, so you can fill your life with love, joy and wealth. 

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