7 things I’m grateful for…

For many in the US, Thanksgiving is a time when we reflect on the things we’re grateful for. While gratitude is high on the vibration scale, appreciation is even higher. You want to get high? Start taking appreciation shots. 


But to get to the pure vibratory energy of appreciation, it helps to start with a gratitude list.  


Today, I write a “nice” list. Tomorrow, I write the “naughty” list. 


You’ll see what I mean tomorrow. I’m naming it: “Worst. Gratitude List. Ever. (But So Powerful!)” 


Today’s list is simply “7 Things I’m Grateful for…” Not as fun or enticing, but still so powerful!


For my readers outside the US, wishing you can join me in writing your own gratitude list no matter what the occasion! 


Here are 7 things I’m most grateful for this year…


1. The ability and freedom in my business to take time off when I need it 

Last year, I was struggling with some unexpected health issues. I sensed it was related to unresolved energy within me and am grateful that I was able to not only take time off from writing, coaching and social media, but also to have the financial abundance to experiment with and pay for various energy healing modalities. You can read about one of my energy healing sessions in this post, “If a soul cries and no one’s there to hear it, does it still hurt?”


2. My family 

This includes my Godman, stepdaughter, sisters, mom, BFF and animals. This also includes my spirit family, God, Stick Girl, my guardian angels and dead dad. They collectively keep me locked in and anchored. Without my family roots, this Tree would get blown away by the slightest breeze or upset. Everyone needs a family. If you don’t have a physical one, get to know your spiritual one. We all have ‘em. 


3. My Inner Happy family

This includes YOU, my dear readers, clients, students and superfans. Serving you is my purpose, so without you, I have no purpose. Thank you for reading my rants year after year, commenting on my blogs, emailing me your heart when it’s too intimate to comment publicly, and otherwise supporting me and my work.


4. Getting better at saying NO and setting boundaries (without letting guilt overrule my decision)

When sensitive souls say no to someone, it creates a mixed cocktail of conflict in their energy. Why? Because no one likes to be denied, so when we say no to someone, we immediately FEEL their disappointment and sense of rejection, as if its our own. (We’re empaths, remember? We absorb other people’s emotions.) And then mixed in with that, we have our own feelings of guilt and letting someone down, which all conflicts with our authentic desire of not wanting to do it in the first place. That’s why it’s so difficult – we’re energetically torn up inside. It’s cognitive dissonance at its worst. People pleasers we are, and when people aren’t pleased, neither are we. (Yes, I just channeled Yoda. Grateful for that too.) The understanding alone of why we feel so bad when we say no is enough to help us start saying no, despite the conflict stirring inside us. We don’t have to give in to those feelings, we simply need to acknowledge and understand them, and they will pass. When I took time off, I had to say NO to many people, both personal and professional. I turned down invitations to be a guest expert on interviews, summits and other virtual events. And I also turned down some potential high end coaching clients who begged me for help. It was extremely difficult, but by saying NO to others, and adhering to it, I said YES to myself. This is a difficult lifetime practice that many of us sensitive souls learn to balance eventually. 


5. The incredible opportunity to work with The Shift Network

One of the things I absolutely positively could NOT say no to was the opportunity to co-create a course with The Shift Network. I not only got to work with an incredibly conscious, forward-thinking and open minded organization, I also got to work with new students from all parts of the world, who joined me live on a 7 week transformative deeply emotional journey. Depending on their time zones, they signed in from their beds, cars and desks. One was even on a boat with her little Indigo son listening in! These are some of the most dedicated, committed and brave souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from. The things they shared in the group class were heart wrenching and beautiful. I also got to teach things I’ve never taught publicly before, only my private coaching clients knew about them. You can still catch the recording of my Finding Freedom as an Empath interview with Stephen Dinan, founder of The Shift Network, here. 


6. The opportunities to expand my reach and impact millions

One of my big visions is to impact millions of sensitive souls in a way that makes their lives more joyful, meaningful and transcendental. This year, I’ve created amazing opportunities moving me closer to that vision. One of them is The Shift Network course mentioned above, and the others…. Well, they’re not public yet so I can’t say! DOH! I really really really really reeeaaally want to, but I can’t yet! When I started this business merely 5 years ago, I told myself, “if I can help just one person, it will all be worth it.” And it was. Now, I’m on track to help millions. But it all starts with ONE! So no matter where you are in your business, or maybe you don’t have or want a business, but you’re an artist, healer, lightworker, singer, actor, painter, psychic, intuitive, yoga teacher, etc., you HAVE a message. There’s something inside you, a higher message, that yearns to get out. Start with getting it out to ONE. Help ONE person. And after that person, help the next. And after that person, the next. And on and on. Before you know it, you’ll be impacting millions.  


7. Electricity & Water

Yea, yea, I know this one is uber boring, but with all the recent fires in Southern California and SCE (our electric company) turning off our power “for public safety precautions” every time a butterfly flaps its wings a wee bit faster, you really start to appreciate the ordinary, everyday things we take for granted, like being able to see your face when you brush your teeth at night. Or even brushing your teeth with running water vs bottled water. Yes, the water pumps run on electricity, so no electricity = no water. We have a generator and we’re super grateful for that too, but it’s nice not to have to trip over multiple extension cords running through your house and filling up with gas every few hours. First world problems, I know. But do I feel guilty that other people in different parts of the world live without electricity or running water every day? No. The moment you feel guilty because you have more, and sorry for someone else who has less, is the moment you put them into helpless victim mode. This victim energy pulls you down into the base Identifier stage and does nothing to serve you. In fact, you’re energetically holding them down as well. To truly help someone, see them (and yourself) in the Alchemist stage and recognize that they already have the power (even if it’s still untapped) to create the life they want. To learn about the four stages of emotional awakening, click here. 



For those of us in the US, as we sit around our tables tomorrow and feast… and if you’re not in the US, you don’t need an official holiday to feast OR be grateful… reflect back on your year and think about:


What are some things you’re grateful for? 


Tomorrow, I’ll post my worst gratitude list ever, and I’ll show you how writing your own list like this can deepen your gratitude into a higher vibration of appreciation. Once you’re in pure appreciation mode, you can have anything you desire!


Until then, happy feasting!