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Which kind of Sensitive or Empath are you?

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Sorry, I had to bring out my scary roar face to make a point.
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The Renegade Sensitive Facebook group is a closed community of like-minded, like-hearted sensitive souls who are supportive, engaged and loving. We understand what it’s like to be sensitive in a world that wants you to be tough.

In a world that sees things in polarities (I call this black and white thinking), you can prove to yourself and others that it’s possible to be both sensitive AND tough, quiet AND loud, and believe it or not, BOTH of those images above. 

One minute you may feel sorry for yourself and think your sensitivity is a curse, and the next, you may muster up the last bit of strength in you to ROAR out loud and push through that sympathetic fog of uncertainty and channel your sensitivity as a gift. 


Renegade Sensitives are:

Sensitive AND Tough

Vulnerable AND Powerful

A Cry-Baby AND a Bad-Ass

Human AND Superhero


We refuse to accept the general consensus that sensitivity, tears and vulnerability equals weakness. 

We may be soft, but we are strong in our sensitivity.

We may be vulnerable, but we are powerful in our vulnerability.

If you’re reading this now and you have come to us feeling broken, weak or flawed, we want to tell you that the only reason you feel this way is because you have not yet discovered your superpowers

Just because you’re highly sensitive, doesn’t mean you’re cursed or destined to live a life of fragility, protection and hesitation. 


Come join our Facebook family and you’ll soon figure it out.


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