1. Michelle

    Agreed, it’s gotta’ – going to be easier than this, for ALL of our sakes. Thx Marjorie! Inspiration abounds, owing to ur words.

  2. Marjorie Simpkiss Contag

    As a life-long empath I am so familiar with feeling weird and out-of-step.

    I have always had a fair amount of emotional resilience and chutzpah but time–and people who test all your goodwill and love–have a way of tiring you a bit.

    I am 80 years old and feel like I am starting a wonderful new adventure. I enjoy relatively good health and am seeking to throw off all the old stuff and find a new life at this ripe young age.

    Nothing terribly drastic like leaving old relationships or moving to Alaska–but an internal renewal which will help me to re-discover and fully embrace the love of life and joy in living with which I have always been blessed.

    Full disclosure: There are a lot of negative energy people in my environment and I do my best to love them–but it’s gotta be easier than this!

    Please share some pointers with me.

    Thank you–

    Marjorie Simpkiss Contag


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