Dear beautiful, strong sensitive soul,

Yes, that’s YOU. Beautiful. Strong. Sensitive. You may not feel very beautiful or strong right now, and probably feel more sensitive than ever, but if you’re reading this, I’m talking to YOU, specifically. 

I know times are extremely difficult right now. Maybe you have little children at home demanding your constant attention and your partner doesn’t understand your need for space and you’re going crazy trying to find one. measly. SECOND. for yourself, because if you don’t you’re going to self-combust from emotional exhaustion.  

I spoke to a client yesterday who had to literally hide in the laundry room closet and whisper during our entire 1 hour coaching call because she didn’t want her kids, ages 4 and 7, to find her. Don’t worry, dad was home watching them and they were safe, but she hadn’t been able to get her own quiet, uninterrupted me-time in 2 months. At the end of the day, she does this:

Or maybe you live alone with too much me-time and you feel isolated and lonely, craving connection with humanity above all else, someone to witness and acknowledge your existence. 

Or maybe you’re somewhere in between both but you’re absorbing waaaaaaay too much fear, anxiety and suffering from the world. You’re worried about money, crying for the sick and dying, and feeling completely overwhelmed right now, like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

In any case, I see you. 

I know you’re hurting. I know you’re trying your best to stay positive. I know you’re doing all the calming techniques you’ve learned, deep breathing, protective bubbles, meditating, self-care… 

And I know you feel like you’re failing. 

I know you’re beating yourself up for not being better at this. 

I know you’re confused, angry, afraid. Sad, grieving and anxious.

And I also know you’re incredibly strong, powerful and resilient.  

Even if you don’t feel or know this for yourself. 

No, I’m not talking to the OTHER people reading this, I’m talking to YOU!

If you’re reading this, I’m talking to you. No exceptions. Period. End of story.

Trust me, those I’m not talking to have already given up on reading this post. They stopped reading after the first line. You, however, you’re still reading. So yes, I’m talking to you. Wanna know what that person looks like who I’m talking to? Look in the mirror. 

You strong, beautiful, resilient soul, you!

It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to not feel strong. 

It’s okay to feel like the whole world is crumbling right now, with you as the epicenter. 

It’s okay. 

If all you ever get from me is the deep knowing that you are truly okay – exactly as you are right now – and the world is truly okay – exactly as it is right now, and you and the world are deeply, DEEPLY loved and cherished, then I would’ve done my job. 

With that said, here are some free resources, tips, tricks, techniques and my best advice over the years about dealing with your emotions, stress, depression, anxiety and more. Please note that some of these links will take you to other sites I’ve written for. 




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