Tree and Stick Girl are jumping-for-joy happy that you signed up for our course!


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Please read the important information below….



You’ve taken the first step and invested in yourself. Now what?


I can’t count the number of courses I’ve bought and either didn’t finish or didn’t even start. It usually goes something like this.


1) Buy the course – feel excited & motivated to start! Wahoo! I can’t wait to [fix this problem]!

2) Start the course – do 1 or 2 lessons, feel really good. Wow, I’m really learning a lot.

3) Slow down – I can take a week (or 2 or 3) off. The course will still be there when I’m ready to get back to it. (this is usually when I realize the amount of work it actually takes to change)

4) Stop completely – I just don’t feel like it. Life is too busy, there’s so much going on, I’ll get back to it next month. (these are my usual excuses – that I often believe – to keep myself small because I’ve hit a fear wall)

5) Next month – Course? What course?

6) 1 year later – Oh yea, I bought that course a while ago, I forgot about it. Meh, it didn’t work. I’m going to look for another course.

7) Buy another course – feel excited & motivated to start! (Repeat above steps over and over)


I admit to doing this. Over and over. And over. Even though I KNOW I do this, I still do it sometimes. Face palm. I’m an e-course junkie. And my fix usually comes from the excitement of learning about a new course, buying it and starting it. then the high fades and I go through steps 3-7 again and again. 


So here are my suggestions on how to make the best of your investment. This has worked for me exponentially and has helped me not only make huge returns on my financial investment (with business courses) but also on my energy and time investment (especially with personal courses). 


DO THE WORK TO THE END. Commit to following all the way through. Trust that it’s all there for a reason. See it through, from the first lesson to the last. Even if momentum dies half way through, do the work anyway. Keep going. 



REACH OUT FOR HELP. If you get stuck, post in the student’s only Facebook group. Talk about it with others. Instant message someone in the course if you want to do it privately. Reach out to Tree or Stick Girl. There’s usually a very good reason (that you usually can’t see) when you get stuck. And it’s usually because you’ve hit the edge of your comfort zone so your ego makes excuses (too tired today, too busy, just not feeling it anymore) to pull you back, to withdraw and retreat back into your safety net. You don’t even realize this is happening and you legitimately believe your excuses. If you find yourself in this situation, ask yourself, “how many times has this happened before? How much longer am I going to allow this to keep happening?”



SCHEDULE TIME IN YOUR CALENDAR. And stick to it. You can take the course on your own pace but I’ve found that if it doesn’t make it in my calendar, it’s usually not going to happen. “Tomorrow,” I’ll tell myself, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Well, we all know tomorrow I’ll tell myself the same thing. So put an hour a day, or 20 minutes a week, from 7am to 7:20am on Saturday mornings, or whatever works for you. Write it down. Type it in. However you keep your schedule. Make it non-negotiable. This is YOUR time to work on YOURSELF. Treat it like a real live course, similar to one you’d take in college. When colleges prepare the class schedule, do they say, “come to class whenever you feel like it”? Or do they actually have a set day and a set time, every week, that’s dedicated to this particular subject? You don’t have to do it at the same time every day but if you write the time in your schedule, even if it’s 20 minutes on Thursday evening and 15 minutes on Sunday afternoon, you’re setting yourself up to succeed before you even start. 


Remember, I can only give you information. If you don’t ACT on that information, chances are it will just stay in your head. When you take action, you bring it down to your heart and it becomes engrained in you, locks in to your core and you transform.

Information + Action = TRANSFORMATION

Information (me, my course) + Action (you, your work) = Transformation (us)

Let’s do this together!