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Last week, I was a featured guest mentor at The Changemakers Circle where all the attendees got to ask me questions, round robin style. The topic was about finding balance in our lives, especially within our emotions. It was an honor to mentor this group of ambitious seekers who each came prepared with their most burning questions, seeking answers to help them move through their current struggles. After the interview, they posed one last question to me as a group: How can we support you with your important work in the world?


My answer?


Since we are all one and interconnected, the best way to support me (or anyone) is to support yourself. Get out there and do YOUR important work in this world. This is a vibratory, energetic Universe and by transforming your own energy, you transform others.


After the interview, I thought more about my answer and it reminded me of the gray mass I talk about in my Emotional Resilience course. I sometimes refer to it as “mood bubbles” but they’re really swirling energetic fields created mostly by emotions. Remember, emotions are simply energy in motion.


Here’s an example of the mood bubble: Have you ever been in a great mood, maybe you took some time in the morning to meditate or journal and you were feeling amazing, and then someone walks into the room and suddenly you’re cranky and annoyed for no apparent reason? That’s because their mood bubble came into the room with them and merged into yours, mucking yours all up!


We each have an energetic field around us, similar to an aura but on a lesser, temporary scale. This energetic field consists of your emotional state in the moment and fluctuates constantly depending on what you’re thinking and feeling.


Ever pass a stranger on the street and know immediately that they’re hurting deep down inside, even if they’re smiling? It’s because you sense their energetic field, which is much more truthful  than the story they’re projecting outwardly with their put-together clothes, manicured nails and fake smiles.


If you don’t have a strong inner foundation and anchor into your energetic field, you could easily take on that person’s sadness by inadvertently allowing their field to blend in with yours, or worse, taking on their energy completely while losing yours.


Here’s a silly little video I made with Stick Girl to show you how this happens. The video lasts 7 seconds, and in real life, this happens in less than 7 seconds too. (note: there’s no audio)



Can you relate?


We do this all day every day with everyone we come into contact with. It’s no wonder you’re completely exhausted and worn out at the end of the day! You’ve been allowing other people’s energy to merge with and subsequently drain yours. Even if the person is not blatantly yelling at you, like stick man in the video, they could just be carrying around a field of negativity and heaviness.


I get hundreds of emails from readers telling me they take things too personally, they can’t handle criticism, they wish they weren’t affected by others so much and they wonder why they get mad, sad or upset so easily.


The reason is because they’re LETTING other people’s energetic fields take over their own.


So the question is HOW do we not let other people’s energetic fields take over ours?


HOW do we stand strong and firm in our own powerful energetic field (it really is powerful!) so that other people can’t overtake us?


Because it’s my birthday today, I decided to give myself the gift of giving. For the first time ever, I’m sharing with you an entire lesson from my course, Emotional Resilience. The lesson is called, “The Work: The Beginning of Your Emotional Freedom,” and it’s in the first module of a three module course.


This is only the beginning, dear sensitive one. There’s much more work for us to do but before you can do YOUR important work in this world, you must first learn how to master your emotions so that YOUR powerful energetic field becomes the dominant one in any situation.


Can you imagine if, in that 7 second video above, YOUR energetic field was the stronger one? YOU would transmute angry stick man’s energy into one of peace and calm. Imagine the kind of world we’d live in – YOU would live in – if you walked around emitting your powerful, loving and joyful energy toward others, and they absorbed YOUR positive energy rather than you absorbing theirs.


This lesson is only one small but powerful change toward creating that world. And it starts with YOU.


I’m giving you access to this video for free as a birthday gift to myself, but would you please promise me something in return? Would you please TAKE ACTION by doing the steps outlined in the video? I don’t want you to just watch it and then forget about it. Information is great but to experience true transformation, we have to put in the time, effort and energy. That’s why the video is called, “The Work.” And I’d love to hear how it works for you. Take your time to watch the video, practice the steps and then come back to the comments below and share your insights, aha moments and anything else you want to share!


If you want to download the worksheet mentioned in the video lesson, click here. No sign-up needed!


Here’s the video and a time-stamped breakdown below. Enjoy!



:37 “My boyfriend says something that he doesn’t think is insensitive, but it really hurts my feelings and I can’t stop thinking about it for days.”
1:12 Recognizing the four common reactions and coping strategies – which one do you do?
3:13 The ONE thing you do that causes your downward mental & emotional spiral – stop doing this one thing and you’ll stop suffering (don’t worry, we’ll show you HOW later in the video)
3:47 Do you ever feel like you can’t stop obsessing over something someone said to you, replaying it in your mind over and over? Ever been happy and carefree one moment then you walk into a room and suddenly you feel tired or cranky for no apparent reason? Have sudden, unexplainable mood swings? Here’s why.
5:09 A simple way to get out of dense, negative energetic vibrations (whether they belong to you or others)
10:35 How most people relate to their emotions – does this look like you? (hint: if you slam things or yell at others then feel guilty later, this is probably you)
11:40 Want massive, lasting change? Do this.
13:04 A real-life visual step-by-step example of exactly what to do when you start to lose yourself in any overpowering emotion such as anger, anxiety, stress and  jealousy, triggered by someone else. Going from hurt to reclaiming your power: A visual example of how the process works
18:27 Instead of yelling “I’m so angry” when you’re angry, yell this instead to immediately dissipate the anger (and maybe even laugh)
19:17 The one thing you should do as soon as you are triggered into an overpowering emotion