If life has knocked you down, if you feel beaten and worn, it’s ok. Don’t fight those feelings because you think it’s not “spiritual” to feel that way or because it’s not the “enlightened” thing to do. Allow yourself to feel beaten. Go ahead, have a tantrum. Cry. Scream. Kick. Beg. Plead. Freak out.

While it may seem contrary to what you’ve learned about positive thinking and feeling good, allowing yourself to feel whatever you feel, no matter how bad, can often lead to feeling better. Sometimes you just have to go through the emotions to get to the other side of them. It may not always be true; sometimes you can put your focus on something else and immediately feel better. But when you feel beaten by life and can’t seem to pick yourself up, sometimes surrendering to those feelings can bring huge relief and can actually be the catalyst to help you out of them.

So often those of us on the conscious spiritual path try to deny those feelings. We think we need to be happy, peaceful and loving all the time and when we’re not, there’s something wrong with us. So we try harder and push harder against the bad feelings, but it is often our resistance to them, our shame and guilt about feeling them, that make them stronger.

Accepting yourself no matter where you are, no matter how you feel, is often the key to feeling better. If you can accept that you feel horrible and that it’s ok to feel that way, you’ve taken a huge step in finding relief, in finding your footing again.

Just feel whatever you feel and do your best to get out of it if it’s not to your liking. And sometimes doing your best to get out of it means giving in to it. There is tremendous power in acceptance and non-judgment. So go ahead, have a tantrum. Go all out. Freak out on the floor and kick and scream. On the other side of your tantrum is relief and healing. And you might even find some fun in your tantrum. Go ahead, let it all out. Freak out.