Yesterday, I wrote about a growing restlessness within me and how I’ve been hearing an inner whisper: “Now is not the time to retreat. Now is the time to lead.” I also offered a free video training series that could help you if you feel the call to step up too, to get your message out and serve in this great time of need. If you missed the post, you can see it here in this blog post entitled “The world needs sensitive leaders like YOU, now more than ever.” 

Today, I want to share an idea that I’ve never led before, but have participated in, to powerful results. But first, here’s a little history and context behind this idea.

Back in the day (not too long ago), when I was struggling to build a business from ground up, I signed up for a $2,000 online business program that promised to teach me how. It was Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch course. Because I didn’t want this to be another course I bought but never finished, I also signed up for an accelerated group coaching program and paid an extra monthly fee to have access to Ramit (invaluable!) and his coaches, as well as the most motivated and determined students. The investment paid off greatly as it kept me on track and I quickly became one of Zero to Launch’s success stories. They even flew me to New York, put me up in a hotel and interviewed me for Ramit’s popular Growth Lab. You can see that interview here, where I was so happy to make my first $1,000 doing something I truly and deeply love – serving others in a meaningful way. (WOW! I watch that video again and am awed by how far I’ve grown since then!)

But even though I saw rapid growth and success, I struggled with a few things that were common to many newbies:

  1. I needed accountability from others. Left on my own, I would make excuses and not do the work nor push through the difficult challenges.
  2. It was awfully lonely being a solopreneur. You keep your head down and work so many hours and there’s no one there to notice your little wins, and most of your work is done alone. 

Some of us mentioned this struggle in the coaching group. And sure enough, true to Ramit’s style of offering extra value, one day, a solution appeared. We were offered a 24/7 zoom meeting room. It was a virtual video conference room that was available all day, every day. We could log in at any time while we were working and simply BE with others who were also working. 

There was only one rule: no talking. This wasn’t a space to chit chat and socialize or ask questions about the course; we had a facebook group and weekly coaching calls for that. This was a space to connect – a virtual office space to work alongside others – and feel not so alone, as we each went through the course at our own pace, did the work and built our businesses. It also kept us accountable because when we logged in, we knew it was time to focus and work. We could see others diligently working on video, and it motivated us to work too. 

Sometimes I logged in and no one was there so I’d pop into the facebook group and announced that I was online, working, if anyone wanted to join. Often people joined, and sometimes I was there by myself for hours. But I stayed on, because something about the room itself being there made me feel not so alone, even if no one else was in the room at the time.

It was the energy of it, and the purposeful intention of the virtual room that made it work, even when it was empty. It made me feel connected, part of a bigger whole, like I belonged somewhere, and it kept me focused.

And so, while most of us are in this COVID-19 isolation lock-down, I had an idea to bring this virtual room back to life. It wouldn’t so much be about working and focusing and being accountable (though it can be if you’d like to use it for that), it would be more to connect… to feel like a part of humanity again… to share a part of your day with a kindred spirit, a sensitive soul, just like you… to witness and be witnessed… to let others know that they aren’t going through this crisis alone, and to feel not-so-alone yourself. 

Some of us are completely alone, in total isolation with no one else around. Some of us are in a house full of kids and spouses and family members galore. Until yesterday, there were 5 of us in our house for a week, ranging in age from 16 to 87. We were outnumbered by 6 dogs, ranging in pounds from 12 to 120! Today, there are only 2 humans, and we’re still outnumbered with 5 dogs. 


Whatever your situation, if you feel the need to connect to someone outside of your home, whether you have others in your house or you’re alone, I invite you to try this virtual room experiment with me.


Let’s call it “The Connection Room” for now. It’s an ongoing experiment and we can see how it goes. Maybe it will tank and no one cares. Maybe it will help 2 people, maybe 20. I don’t know how it will turn out, but I’m willing to try and see what happens. 

You can log in while you’re eating dinner, reading a book, working on your business, taking a walk, folding laundry, or whenever you feel like connecting. Sometimes there might be someone else on, sometimes there won’t be anyone. 

In any case, knowing that this room is created solely to connect with other sensitive and empathic souls – outside of your own home – means that even if there’s no one in the room at the time, you’re still connecting, because the room represents others outside your home, and there’s energy in it. 

This room is my own personal Zoom room, so no one else will be in it except kindred sensitives who are either on my email list or in my facebook groups. I’ll pop in and out randomly during the day too. 

For now, there are no rules. If you feel like talking, talk. If you feel like being quiet and just having the energetic connection present, that’s fine too. There’s no pressure to do anything in this room. 

For example, I might log in while I’m writing my next media pitch and stay quiet, or I might log in and answer questions if people want to ask. Or I might log in and send energy healing to those in the room. It will just depend on the moment and what I’m feeling. No pressure. No rules.

However, with no rules, I do have two requests while you’re in the virtual room:

  1. If you don’t want to talk but someone else is trying to talk to you, state that you don’t want to talk right now (PERFECT time to practice boundaries, especially since you know everyone in this room will be respectful and understand!)
  2. Please respect others’ needs within this room. Some people will log in to talk. Some will log in to listen. Some will log in to cry… or to witness… or to have it running in the background for a feeling of connectedness. Some will mute their audio so they can’t hear, while others will turn it up. Each of us will log in with different needs depending on the moment. Let’s respect that. 

Since this is a community experiment, I’d love to hear your thoughts and we can always adjust the requests as needed. 

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To our human and spiritual connection, 




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