Ok… so I lied…. I’m not quite offline yet.

If you read my epic commitment to myself last week, you’ll probably think this is one of the automated posts I mentioned.

Nope. It’s not. I’m really here, right now, writing this in real time, moments before I hit “publish” (with a real human finger, not some automated web bot)… and nearly a week after I told myself (and you, dear reader) that I’d go offline for a month.

So what happened?

Have you ever been excited to workout but you couldn’t do it in-the-moment because it was 11:00 at night and you PROMISED yourself that TOMORROW you’d wake up and workout FIRST THING in the morning and it would be SO INCREDIBLE and you’re finally going to get your weight back in control and take your health into your own hands and oh-my-god you’re going to fit into that cute little black dress again!

And then in the morning, you slap the snooze button twenty times and your head’s groggy and you have a bit of an ache in your back and your bed’s so warm and comfy and maybe you’ll start tomorrow. After all, what’s the harm in waiting just one more day? You’ve gone this long without exercise, you can start tomorrow. So you sleep in a little longer and promise yourself you’ll work out twice as hard tomorrow.

But we all know what happens tomorrow, right?


Yeeeeaaah, that’s what happened to me too. Except, my promise wasn’t to exercise, it was to focus on radical self-care (which meant staying offline and going deep within).

I did take some time off, but it only lasted 4 days, not a month.

Did I fail to keep my commitment to myself?


Am I embarrassed to admit it publicly?


Am I taking this opportunity to turn it into a learning lesson for myself and anyone else who cares to learn from it?

Heck yes!

So that’s why I’m here, sharing my failed attempt with you.

Because you know what?

It’s HARD to make changes in your life. Especially radical changes that disrupt your daily routine.

It’s HARD to take a stand and say YES to yourself. Especially when it means saying NO to others you care about who want or need something from you.

And perhaps most importantly…

It’s HARD to be kind to yourself. Especially if you’re not used to giving yourself a break.

How many times have you beaten yourself up for not exercising when you said you would? Or for getting triggered by something your partner did when you promised yourself you wouldn’t let it bother you anymore? Or for crying, yet again, over something others said was no big deal?

Now hear this…

We, Tree and Stick Girl, hereby grant you permission to be kind to yourself…. no matter how epicly you fail at something. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it just means you failed at doing something you tried to do.

You see, even though I failed at my initial commitment to be offline for a month, I’m still pretty darn amazing.

And so are you!

And now I’m going to show up, fess up and try it again.

And so can you.

When you separate the failed attempt from yourself (I failed at taking a month off when I said I would) and don’t make it about you or your identity (I’m a failure), you remove the unnecessary drama, negativity and self-pity.

So it didn’t quite work out this week for my offline sabbatical. I’m simply going to try it again. I give myself permission to not only fall every once in a while (or a lot) but also to pick myself up and try it again.

But first, I’ve already committed to doing a live interview with my friend and media mentor, Selena Soo, tomorrow. I’m really excited about this because it’s an exclusive, invitation-only webinar offering a backstage peek inside her program that’s helped me gain the media attention to spread my wings and serve more people, allowing me to be a part of the change I wish to see in the world. If you’re interested in joining the webinar and hearing more of my personal story about how I got my passion business off the ground, you’ll need to sign up here asap. We go live tomorrow (and there will be time for audience questions too)!

Also, early next week, I’m doing a live Q&A call with my Soulful Love Summit pass holders to talk about anything they want to talk about related to love and relationships. I’ll be around for an hour to answer any questions they have about what they learned in the summit or anything about my own relationships and what I’ve learned. If you’re interested in joining me on this live call next week, click here for more details.

And late next week… I’ll try again for my second (and hopefully final) attempt at taking a month off!  🙂

To love, light and second chances,


PS – Thank you SO MUCH for the flood of emails that poured in after last week’s post. I truly appreciate all the advice, support and personal stories you shared about your own struggles. I can’t possibly respond to all of them but I want you to know that I read each and every one of your emails and I appreciate you deeply. Thank you for being an important witness to my life. I only hope I can do the same for you. 

I see you.