Take control of your sensitive life and stop emotional overwhelm.


I almost didn’t sign up for this course because it is tax season. The most stressful time of year for me. I am so glad I did sign up because it’s given me a chance to practice everything I’ve learned every day! I’m NOT exaggerating! My tax season was so much better this year since I took your course. It is so helpful to know how to deal with overwhelm and not to take things personally. Last tax season I didn’t think I was going to make it because I was having a hard time dealing with everything!! I just wanted to walk out and never come back!

Now, I’m remembering to stop and breathe earlier in my emotional overwhelm. Once I do that, it calms my body down and I can think about the steps I can take to get out of the overwhelm. What comes to mind is your 4 Step Energy Shift From Painful to Powerful… Then I can focus on what I have to do at work and get it done. Later, I think through what happened, consult my worksheets, really work through it and put it behind me. Yes, behind me! I am flabbergasted that I can actually do that!!! What a breakthrough for me!!! Yay!!!

Claire R.


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I was always exhausted by other people’s energy.


I used to come home drained at the end of a long day, completely wiped out from being around people. I couldn’t wait to close the door, shut the world out, cocoon myself in, and curl up in bed in absolute silence. No TV, no harsh lights, no talking. And especially no outside emotions bombarding my own.


But it was too late.


I had already absorbed everyone’s energy. Like a sponge, I soaked in everything from the anger of the jerkwad driver who cut me off in the morning, to the negativity of my co-worker who finds something new to complain about every 5 minutes, to the harsh, dehumanizing verbal lashing of the poor teary eyed teenage cashier by the grumpy old man at the In-and-Out Burger joint because he forgot to put ketchup in his to-go bag.


It felt like everyone, whether they had good intentions or not, invaded my private energetic space, mucking it up, without my permission.


I felt emotionally violated.


And it wasn’t just people around me. I’d catch the headline of a kidnapped 5 year old girl on the news and I’d be devastated for the rest of the day and beyond, the image of her with her big sad brown eyes haunting me long after. I didn’t understand how people could be so cruel.


I tried not to think about it but that question burned down to my core. Why is there so much suffering and cruelty in this world? My mind would wander uncontrollably, thought after darkening thought, and before I knew it, I’d be sobbing into my pillow.


If it wasn’t the injustice of the world that threw my thoughts into a loop, it was the criticizing remark my boyfriend made to me earlier that day. I’d play the scenario in my head over and over and get angrier each time, as if it was happening to me all over again. I didn’t know how to stop the incessant mental chatter and I popped an Advil every day for my headaches and body aches.


I was practically paralyzed with emotion.


After absorbing everyone else’s energy all day every day, I had no energy of my own to do anything except lie comatose on the couch. My boyfriend told me I was antisocial because I never wanted to go out. He would go without me and while I was relieved that I didn’t have to go, I worried that he’d find someone else, someone more exciting, more sociable and less sensitive and introverted than me.


I was right to worry.


He did find someone else.


Someone younger with a lot more energy who loved to be around people, get dressed up, go places and do things, who wasn’t overwhelmed by loud noises, bright lights and lots of stimulation.


He would be out until 3 in the morning and I’d lie in bed alone, flat on my back exhausted but unable to fall asleep because my thoughts wouldn’t shut up about how much fun he was having without me – and worse, how much fun he was having with her.


After beating myself up for months, believing I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, tough enough, anything enough, I finally decided enough was enough.  


We broke up, sold our house, dissolved our business and each went our own way.

That was my turning point, when I realized I could no longer live in a constant state of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and fragile vulnerability to the outside world.

I could no longer think of people as “energy vampires” who invaded my space and sucked the life out of me.


I could no longer repetitively ruminate about things I had no control over and let my thoughts get the best of me.


I had to find a way to pull myself together, take charge of my rampant thoughts and overflowing emotions and get my life back.


And so began the long process of rediscovering myself, learning everything I can about my sensitivities, what I can control and what I can’t.


What I discovered along the way was:

I didn’t have to hide in the bathroom at social gatherings to get away from all the noise, people and overstimulation. There’s a way to genuinely enjoy it, without feeling drained at the end of the night. Even if I am a highly sensitive introvert.



I didn’t have to imagine force fields and project invisible bubbles around me to protect me from bad and unwanted energies. There’s a way to eliminate the need for energetic protection, no matter who or what surrounds me.



I didn’t have to avoid “energy vampires” and narcissists, be on constant high alert for them and live in fear that they might suck me dry. There’s a way to stand strong in my own empowered energy and let them come and go without affecting me at all.  



I didn’t have to be emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted all the time and crash on my couch like a pale, lifeless zombie at the end of the day. There’s a way to easily transmute other people’s energy all day long and still have the vitality to put on a sexy dress, wear red lipstick and go out on a romantic, flirty date with my man.


And best of all, I discovered that I get to have a say in how I live and feel.


I get to:

  • console my best friend without getting consumed by her sadness.
  • take time out for me when I want and set healthy boundaries.
  • turn down a social invitation without guilt or making up excuses.
  • say no when someone asks me to do something that I don’t want to do without feeling like a selfish bitch.
  • do something else when my family chooses to watch a violent movie on TV instead of sit with them and pretend it’s not deeply affecting me.
  • tell someone how I feel without shame for feeling or expressing it.
  • cry when I want to, even when it’s deemed socially inappropriate, and not give a damn what people think of it.


I get to be me.

TreeFranklyn_293R SG







Deeply emotional.


And I don’t have to apologize for it, explain it or hide it anymore.


In fact, I’m proud of it.  

And I can show you how to do the same.


I’ve taken the best of what I’ve learned and put it in an easy to follow online course. Of course, none of my work would ever be complete without Stick Girl getting her hands on everything, so together, we’ve created videos, audios and whimsical Stick Girl inspired printable worksheets that will teach you:


    • The #1 action you do every day that causes your emotional overwhelm and how to stop doing it.
    • The scientific reason behind why your thoughts start racing and what to do about it.
    • How to listen to your body’s subtle clues so you can stop anxiety and stress before it takes hold of you.
    • What your emotions really are and how not to let them get the best of you.
    • How to get back to your center so you’re not easily swept away by other people’s energy.
    • How to end emotional overwhelm once and for all.
    • Why you exhaustively absorb other people’s energy.
    • How to stop being an emotional sponge at will.
    • Why you don’t need protection from negative energy and why doing so causes more harm than good.
    • How to use your empathic gifts to help others without losing yourself in the process.
    • My personal 2 minute exercise to use anytime, anywhere to regain control of your thoughts and emotions.
    • Plus, a powerful (and crazy fun) 5 second exercise you can do to instantly release any unwanted emotion. In fact, the stronger the emotion, the better this technique works. So bring it on!


This is what Tammy B. had to say about this exercise:

At work it seemed most customers were cranky but one particular customer got to me. I could feel the anger coming off of him and the anger in his eyes, then of course he lashed out at me and called me names. It was like he punched me in the gut… I tried to push it away but it wasn’t working… then I felt bogged down. It’s hard to recover from that, then it just feels like I’m taking on everything from every direction… then I’m burnt out.

Your exercise worked great!!! I laughed and felt better afterwards. I felt silly at 1st then I just let go.. It was awesome!! I’m going to do it with my grandson too when he’s grumpy… I’m sure it will make him smile!

Tammy B.

Clerk at Gas Station

Tammy came to me and asked me for help a week before this customer lashed out at her. She often gets rude customers and said she needed something she could use that worked powerfully and quickly on the spot, so she could get back to her job. 


I asked her what she currently does when faced with challenging customers. She said, “I try to mentally and under my breathe saying ‘no not mine’ and imagine pushing it away… it works for a bit than I just feel bombarded and overwhelmed…”


I gave her my 5 second exercise to release powerful unwanted emotion and after the customer yelled at her, she used it and had an instantaneous result.


Tammy went from feeling like she was “punched in the gut” to laughing and feeling silly (in a fun way) in a matter of seconds. 


Do you remember the last time someone criticized or yelled at you?


Most of us feel pretty dehumanized and beaten from an experience like that, long after the person’s gone. Imagine having someone literally yelling in your face and in less than 5 seconds, you’re genuinely laughing, having fun and feeling good.


That’s the power of my 5 second technique that I’ll show you in the course.

Your “4-Step Energy Shift from Painful to Powerful” exercise was the best. It was set up with simplicity and ease and that made it most powerful. It was easy to go through and quickly while out in the world. Before doing it, I felt angry, frustrated, upset, sad, distraught and scattered. Like I just can’t do anything or get anything right and exhausted on every level. 

After doing the exercise, I felt at peace with myself and that it’s all okay. Neutral, which is a lovely space to be in, and unconditional love. I released judgment and stop beating up on myself. 




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