Emotional Resilience

Discover what your emotions really mean, why you feel so deeply, and how to take back control of yourself and your life. Emotional Resilience: How to Control Your Emotions & Toughen Up Without Losing Your Soft, Sensitive Strengths contains powerful, transformative lessons in the form of online videos, downloadable PDFs and printable worksheets for deeper self-exploration with guided step-by-step instructions and every day real-life practices that will teach you how to center yourself, control your emotions, discover your values, find clarity, and more. 

The Soulful Love Summit

20 soul-centered thought leaders reveal their personal secrets for finding and keeping the right partner. If there’s a part of you that still yearns for a healthy, loving and intimate relationship, no matter how hopeless it seems, I invite you to join my Soulful Love Summit and commit to YOU. You’ll learn from the masters of love and relationships, including Arielle Ford, Dr. Kelly Flanagan, Stefan Gonick, Dr. Andrea Pennington, and 16 other speakers. Watch as they share the secrets of healing past trauma, dating with confidence, loving yourself, a healthier sex life, and more!

7 Day Deep Dive to Activate Self-Love

For many of us, our lives have been riddled with struggle, betrayal, loss and heartbreak. Our souls have been crushed. We feel broken, weak, flawed. We care too much, feel too much, love too much. We listen to others, comfort their hurts and tirelessly serve their needs. Yet, when it comes to turning that love on ourselves, we feel guilty. Undeserving. Selfish. Let go of old toxic emotional energy so you can feel lighter, freer and happier – in 7 days, and in only 10-20 minutes a day. We move quickly, powerfully and boldly so you don’t waste any more time without absolute love, compassion and confidence in yourself!