An Honest Review of Selena Soo’s Impacting Millions Program

How would your life (and business) change if you could reach more people with your heart’s most inspired messages?


What if you could impact millions?


Being a sensitive, introverted entrepreneur is not easy.


I always felt that I had a voice, I just didn’t know how to express it in a way that was authentic to me AND reach others.


I could write a blog post and publish it on my site, but who would find it? And how?


Sometimes it feels like this world is set up for those who are loud, brash and in-your-face. And for those of us who are quiet and don’t like to “sell” ourselves, we tend to feel left behind.


In the beginning stages of my business, I struggled with putting myself out there. I didn’t have a prominent photo of me on my website for years. I buried it in my “About” page along the bottom. I didn’t reach out to other influencers or websites to write guest posts because I feared they would tell me I wasn’t good enough for them or their audience. And I certainly didn’t market, advertise or publicize my blog.


As a result, my business wasn’t really a business. It was more like a hobby because it wasn’t generating any money or gaining any traction. It was just another blog in a vast sea of infinite blogs that hardly anyone noticed. I secretly yearned to get more traffic and reach more people so that I could build a sustainable, viable business from it.


Whether it’s in the workplace, a social event or running your own business, the fear of BEING SEEN can be crippling. It keeps you stuck in hobbies and dreams rather than creating real businesses that support your deepest desires and loftiest visions while serving others. 


As an entrepreneur who deeply feels she has important work to do in this world, I. HAVE. TO overcome my fears of being seen.


I have to put aside the voices that incessantly ask:

“Will they like me?”

“Am I saying something wrong?”

“Do I know what I’m doing?”

“Will I seem demanding if I ask for what I want?”

“What if they laugh at me, think I’m a joke?”


And I have to focus on thoughts like:

“Who can I serve today?”

“What person out there needs to hear what I have to say?”

“Where can I best reach them?”

“How can I make a bigger impact to help more people?”


My quest becomes not so much about my own fears as it is about serving others.


When I clicked “enter” on my submission to the Huffington Post for the first time, my stomach churned so much I almost threw up. Just the idea that they might accept something I wrote and put it out for the world to see was nauseating. But I thought about the people I could help, the ones who were sitting alone on the other side of their screens feeling broken and flawed, their souls aching to hear just the right words to get them through the moment… and it gave me the nudge I needed to press submit. 


Now, I can pitch to ANY publication without even blinking.


If you want to know how I got here, I invite you to read my honest review below of Selena Soo’s Impacting Millions program, which has helped me confront my “being seen” fears that were holding me back in business and life, break out of my public shell, and get featured in amazing media outlets such as:

IMPACTING MILLIONS is a 7-module online program where Selena teaches you how to connect with the media and land high-exposure opportunities.


You will learn how to get featured, published, and interviewed (so you can ultimately reach more people and impact more lives).


My journey in this program has not only gained incredible publicity for me, more importantly, it made me a stronger woman. Still sensitive and yet, powerfully bold. It helped me expand my comfort zone, believe in myself more and gain the guts to be seen.


The most valuable part of the program for me was having DIRECT access to Selena and the other members of her Impacting Millions Insider’s Circle, which is an elite group of entrepreneurs, visionaries and change makers who are more than willing to help each other grow, expand and impact millions. From insider secrets not shared publicly, to one on one help with wording and crafting your pitch, to joint ventures and collaborations that create win-win situations for all, this was invaluable in helping me boost my business quickly and achieve many of my goals in a way that aligned with who I am. 

One of my dream podcasts to be featured in was Entrepreneur On Fire, with John Lee Dumas. Recently, my dream came true and I was interviewed by JLD himself.

I got this interview as a direct result of being in Selena’s program.

Over 300 people apply each month and they only select around 30. With the support of other members in the group who had gone before me and shared their pitches and submission clips so I could learn from, I filmed my submission video, applied and was accepted! If you join Impacting Millions here, I’ll share with you my video submission to EoFire as well as any of my pitches to other media outlets. 

Here’s just a teaser of what you’ll learn in Impacting Millions


  • Which publicity opportunities are best for YOU based on YOUR goals (whether that’s building your list, filling a group program, or writing a bestselling book) – and discover what each outlet is looking for, so you can hand it to them.


  • How to establish your credibility in the media, even if you’re a beginner or aren’t sure if you’re “big enough” yet.


  • Identify + talk about what makes you unique – so you can distinguish yourself from the thousands of people who do similar work & get picked for these highly coveted opportunities.


  • The Follow-Up Formula – Selena’s simple system for leaving a memorable impression and creating a long-term relationship with media contacts. (She’ll share when to follow up, how often, and exactly what to say and do.)


  • The secrets to becoming a regular contributor on your favorite sites like Huffington Post, Fast Company, Positively Positive, Harvard Business Review, and more.


  • The Art of the Pitch: the psychology behind crafting a pitch the media is looking for. (Plus, you’ll get Selena’s tested pitch templates you can use in your outreach.)


  • Monetizing Your Media Coverage – the strategies to turn your new fans into paying clients and customers.


And so much more.

Following recommendations from Selena’s Insiders Circle, I pitched to Inspired Coach magazine and ended up with a multi-page full color spread. 

The IMPACTING MILLIONS INSIDERS CIRCLE (of which you’ll get a full year’s access) includes 3 parts…


  • Live Webinars with Media Mentors – People always want to get access to Selena’s personal network. She’s spent years developing relationships with people in the media – and you get to benefit from it. Over the course of your year in the INSIDERS CIRCLE, you get regular opportunities to join live sessions with her and her media insiders to get tips and feedback. This is your chance to personally connect + gain a real competitive advantage. You can submit your pitch to be in “the hot seat” for upcoming calls where they’ll go through your pitch, word for word if needed, and give you invaluable, direct and live feedback on how to make it better.


  • Access to the members-only Facebook group – This is where you’ll connect with the community, cultivate your “power network,” and receive feedback + support from other highly motivated entrepreneurs. I collaborated with an Insider from this community and was featured in MindBodyGreen as a result. I had pitched to them 4 times unsuccessfully and finally made my way in through the Insider. 


  • Lifetime Access to the IMPACTING MILLIONS course – So you can come back to the modules any time you want. Plus, each time the course is released, you’ll get access to the newest version of each module. I can’t wait to go through this course again and see what’s new. 

Because I believe in Selena’s work and am a proud affiliate (meaning I get a commission if you choose to invest in the program through the links on this page), I want to sweeten the deal and give you even more value.


I no longer offer one on one coaching, but if you sign up through my affiliate link here, I will hold your hand through your first year of getting media exposure. I know it’s scary. I’ve been there, done that. you can use the Insiders Circle to motivate and inspire you out of your comfort zone, but sometimes, you just want one on one support.


Someone you can dig deep with and get down to the nitty gritty details of your fears and struggles. 


Someone who understands how absolutely paralyzing it is to put yourself out there and how absolutely VITAL it is to do so if you want to make a difference in this world and impact millions, even thousands. 


This is where I shine in my business. I help sensitive, introverted women manage their overwhelming, often intense and crippling emotions. Since I’ve been through this personally, received my first haters, rejections from publications and even disapprovals from respected experts in my field, I know exactly how it feels and what it takes to KEEP GOING. 


To not only survive your worst publicity fears, but also thrive beyond them and become the strong, confident and bold person you know you can be (and already are). 


As my own personal bonus for signing up to the Impacting Millions program, you’ll receive the following exclusive package from me ($3,194 total value):

  • Four 30 minute one on one, private calls with me: To be used throughout the year when you feel stuck, need help or want to talk through a problem. These calls could be scheduled quarterly (every 3 months) to keep you on track mentally and emotionally, or you can use them at your discretion throughout the year when you feel like you need them. Got your first hater? We’ll hop on a call and I’ll help you work through your pain quickly (within minutes) and help you come up with a response (or not) that aligns with your values and who you are. ($1,700 Value)


  • My private email address: You’ll have access to me 24/7 to ask a quick question or work out a more detailed problem, to receive emotional support or gentle (or stern) nudges holding you accountable to your highest visions of yourself and your business. Ever buy a program and get stuck half way through because you couldn’t figure it out on your own, and then you stopped the program… wasting hundreds, even thousands of dollars? Between the Insiders Facebook group and access to ask me as many questions as you want privately, this would never happen. ($497 Value)


  • Access to ALL my past pitches: I’ll share all of my pitches including my video submission and application to Entrepreneur on Fire, Inspired Coach emails (they didn’t accept my first idea but I was able to work with them to get a different idea in!), Tiny Buddha submissions, and more. You’ll see the ones that were rejected as well as the ones that were accepted. This is a very rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of tried and true pitches that hardly anyone ever shares. We always see the success stories, but what about the 20+ attempts that were rejected? I’ll share all of them with you so you can learn from my mistakes AND successes to help you craft your own perfect pitches. ($997 Value)



This personalized, one on one attention will ensure you don’t give up when it gets hard, have someone to support you privately, behind the scenes, while you put yourself out there in the way you know you have to. We’ll work closely together in your first year when it’s the hardest, and I’ll follow your journey every step of the way. 


If you’re ready to impact more lives in the way only YOU can and work privately with me, click here for more details.