Your results are in!


Woot woot!! Congratulations! You’ve gone FAR in your evolutionary journey!! 

Let’s be honest, most people don’t make it to this stage, not in this particular lifetime, anyway. And here you are at the top… look at your bold, beautiful ALCHEMIST self, you!

As an ALCHEMIST, you have the ability and wisdom to absorb other people’s denser energies and transmute it into lighter, purer energy, releasing it back into the world transformed. When negative people or circumstances surround you, you no longer recoil in fear that the energy might overwhelm you. You either welcome it openly and experience it for what it is, knowing you can never be harmed, or you choose to transmute it.

If you haven’t already, watch the onboarding videos in the membership site where it says “Start Here”. Pay close attention during the “Stage 4: Alchemist” video because that one’s about YOU!

Much love,