“People tell me I’m too sensitive, I need to toughen up.”

“I’m overwhelmed by emotions. I feel everything deeply.”

“I cry when I’m happy, when I’m sad and often for no reason.”

“I can sense how others feel, even if I don’t know them, and it exhausts me.”

“Sometimes the world is too much . I’m overstimulated and stressed almost all the time.”

“I feel like someone turned up the volume in the world and it’s way too loud.”

“I walk around like an exposed nerve, I have no skin to protect me.”


If you’ve thought or said any of the above, congratulations, you’re probably a highly intuitive sensitive soul.

This is a gift, not a curse.

Hi, I’m Tree

And that’s Stick Girl on my shoulder.

Pretty much my whole life I’ve been told by everyone (except Stick Girl, of course) that I feel too deeply, I’m too emotional.

I proved them all right in my late teens when I sunk into a dark depression that took me over a decade to climb out of.

You can read about a few ways I came out of them here and here.

I used to wake up in the morning, open my eyes, realize I was still alive, and then close my eyes again, defeated, sinking deeper into my bed.

I. Hated. Being. Alive.

And I especially didn’t want to FEEL anymore. 

Even when nothing was wrong, even when things were going well, I had a quiet desperation, a deep despair that was always there, lurking beneath my moments of happiness, hiding under the gratitude lists, dream journals and vision boards.

Sometimes I was able to shove it aside, push it away, and have a semblance of joy, and other times, it took everything in me not to break down and succumb to it.

But now things are different. 



    • Waking up every morning excited to get out of bed, unafraid of what energies you might run into in the day ahead. 


    • Being calm and confident around other people because you know how to divert their energy in a loving way. You know the difference between someone else’s emotions and yours and you can feel when it’s your sadness or someone else’s. 


    • No longer hiding in desperation in the bathroom at big gatherings so you can get away from all the noise and stimulation.


    • Being more assertive. Speaking up and saying NO when you feel as though you’re about to get sucked into someone else’s energy, or put their needs ahead of yours. All this without guilt.


    • No longer absorbing criticism and anger from another person and spending days in a negative feedback loop.


    • Having a deep, intimate relationship with your partner without fear of losing yourself.


  • And perhaps best of all, feeling like you belong and using your natural sensitive traits as a gift that serves yourself and others.

I can help you get there. 

I teach soul-centered, introverted HSPs how to manage and release their deep emotions so they can channel their sensitive energies for positive outcomes, filter criticisms that come their way and connect intimately with others without losing themselves.

In a nutshell, I teach you how to dominate your emotions so they no longer control you.


I’ve been featured in:

And my methods are different than most.


  • I’m not going to tell you how to protect your energy.
  • I won’t show you how to visualize invisible light bubbles or circles of protection around you.
  • I’m not going to urge you to run away from narcissists and “energy vampires”.
  • I won’t tell you to think positive thoughts and feel only positive feelings.

If you are currently doing any of these, I just have one question: How’s it working for you?

Frankly, I ABHOR that teaching.


Let’s get this straight:




To believe that you need protection is to come from a place of weakness.

To teach you that you need protection is to further endorse the false belief that you are weak and frail.

And that my dear one, is the FURTHEST thing from the truth.

We may be soft, but we are strong in our sensitivity.


We may be vulnerable, but we are powerful in our vulnerability.

The only reason you feel broken, weak or flawed is because you have not yet discovered your superpowers.

Claire & Jade have discovered their own power,
let me help you discover yours.

I’m so F***ING glad I found you, Tree!!!! You have led me into a transformation that I had no idea in the world was possible!!! I wake up every morning now, confident that I can handle the day instead of dreading it! I am able to love myself. I know what my core values are and how to use them to ground myself when I feel emotional overwhelm. And I can use my ability to feel the emotions of others to help them feel understood and valid. Thank you so much for helping me on this journey! I am doing things I NEVER EVER thought I could do!!!!

Claire R.

With the knowledge and techniques you’ve taught me in your Emotional Power course, I more readily not only giggle with myself about why and what and how I treat and talk to myself, I now have a loving way to move myself towards better habits & feelings. Not beating myself up for beating myself for judging myself heartlessly… you are able to help us understand we have control within our power of awareness and understanding to adopt positive habits, reflexes and mindsets that empower us and release and transmute our bullshit.

Jade L.

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