Last week, I invited you to a free virtual event with The Shift Network [UPDATE: this event is over] where I talk about the 4 stages of emotional awakening for an empath and sensitive soul.

Do you know which stage you’re in? Take this quiz to find out. 

Knowing which stage you’re in can help you to not only understand why you are the way you are, why certain things keep happening in your life, and why you absorb (or not) everyone’s energy, but it can also help you gain compassion for yourself and acceptance of where you are in your evolutionary growth. And as a bonus, it will help explain that ever-so-frustrating question of how your co-worker (or family member or anyone) can be so clueless and insensitive (it’s because of the mentality of the stage they’re in).

I haven’t shared these four stages with anyone except my private clients, and I’ll share them in more depth at the event but here’s a quick overview. 


Stage 1: The Identifier

A person in this stage lives from a place of fear. Life is happening TO them, things are being thrown AT them. They absorb everyone’s energy and emotions. They haven’t yet learned to manage their own energy, let alone anyone else’s. They feel exhausted, overwhelmed and drained by the end of the day. The Identifier doesn’t yet know how to distinguish the difference between themselves and their internal and external world. For example, they identify with their thoughts, feelings and external circumstances. This is why they take things so personally. When someone says something insensitive to them or something bad happens to them, they take the information in as part of their identity (unconsciously) and it really hurts. They would do well with locking themselves up in a small room, turning off all the lights, and simply sitting in silence to decompress at the end of the day (or even in short moments throughout the day). The Identifier clings on to stories of their past and puts the responsibility of the status of their lives and who they are onto other people, experiences and circumstances that have happened to them. They have a victim mentality. A common phrase of the Identifier is “Look what they’ve done to me.”


Stage 2: The Survivor

Like the Identifier, the Survivor also lives from a place of fear. Life is happening TO them, things are being thrown AT them, but they are better at swatting them away. The Survivor has realized that they have control over how they react, they know they have to power to turn their old stories around. They’re using shielding techniques such as putting invisible force fields around themselves or imagining white protective bubbles of light around them, to shield them from other people’s energy and emotions. While they have some level of success with these techniques, these techniques aren’t sustainable in the long term because they’re still based on fear and a sense that they need to “protect” themselves. The Survivor might be dabbling in the Law of Attraction work and starting to manifest a few things here and there. They take responsibility for their lives more than an Identifier and instead of blaming others or circumstances, they’re self-reflective and looking more internally for causes. A common phrase of the Survivor is “Look what they’ve done to me, but I survived. I overcame. I won’t let them get me down.” The Survivor is starting to come into their own power but they are still identified with the past and the event or circumstance in which they had to overcome. It’s still a large and important part of their identity. 


Stage 3: The Observer

Unlike the first two stages, the Observer lives from a place of inner calm. Life is flowing THROUGH them. They have learned the skill of taking the witness seat, where they can simply watch their thoughts and emotions ebb and flow but they are not lost in them. They no longer need to use shielding or protective techniques to block other people’s energy and emotions, they know how to let them flow through them, if they choose, and transmute them. They are experientially aware of a force greater than themselves, not just knowing in theory or as an idea in their minds, but they feel the force viscerally and through their bodies. The Observer is beginning to let go of the identities they so desperately clung to as an Identifier and Survivor. They are recognizing they have deeper value and worth than the illusion of value they derived from being a victim or survivor. An Observer accepts life as it is with no resistance or judgment therefore their inner world is calm, peaceful and serene. 


Stage 4: The Alchemist

Like the Observer, the Alchemist lives from a place of inner calm, but instead of life flowing through them, they are living AS life. They’ve achieved unification between the mind, body and spirit. Their spiritual world is one with their physical world and there’s no longer separation. They are inspired and moved by a divine grace, a source, a greater force that runs their lives. Their identity is not wrapped up in their thoughts, emotions, circumstances or even who they present themselves to be in this physical world. Their identity is derived from divine source and they live with flow, ease and abundance. They still experience the density of human life as it comes but no longer identifies with it and recognizes it’s all part of the divine flow and growth. The Alchemist has the ability and wisdom to absorb other people’s denser energies and transmute it into lighter, purer energy, releasing it back into the world transformed. 


Where do you fall within these four stages? I’d love to hear which stage you resonate with, and then take this quiz to find out the truth. 

But before you comment, if you want to learn more about these stages, secure your spot first for my upcoming free online event, Finding Freedom as an Empath: 4 Stages of Emotional Awakening for Sensitive Souls

[UPDATE: this event is over]

It’s Saturday, September 14 at 10am PT. If you aren’t available but don’t want to miss it, you can sign up now and will be given a link to a replay after the event. 

During this powerful hour, I’ll also show you:

  • Your emotions are energy flowing through you… and you don’t need to allow them to control your life
  • The 3 Infinite Truths that can help you navigate life’s challenges as a sensitive soul
  • An energy-shifting practice for transforming your emotions from painful to powerful
  • Common struggles and gifts of sensitive souls
  • An energetic visualization to help you transmute stuck energies — for more peace and freedom

My practical hands-on approach to using your daily struggles, thoughts, and emotions as guides to greater self-awareness and spiritual evolution are easily accessible and provide a “lifeboat” in the sea of overwhelm for empaths and sensitive souls.

To our evolutionary growth,