But most of them suck the peace & love right out of you. 



We get it. It’s not easy being love, light and unicorns all the time. That’s why we’re giving you our 7 simple, powerful techniques you can use today so you’re not swept up in other people’s negative energy and can be more of your amazingly loving self.


“My husband and I were crossing a bridge on the Outer Banks of N.C. during high winds. I felt myself going into a panic when I remembered your tip “feel your feet”. I tried it and within a few seconds I was able to calm myself down. Thank you so much for your suggestions. Better than using medicine any day.” 

~ Ronda C.

“Your ‘4-Step Energy Shift from Painful to Powerful’ exercise is the best. It’s set up with simplicity and ease and that makes it most powerful. It’s easy to go through and quickly while out in the world. Before doing it, I felt angry, frustrated, upset, sad, distraught and scattered. Like I just can’t do anything or get anything right and exhausted on every level. After doing the exercise, I felt at peace with myself and that it’s all okay. Neutral, which is a lovely space to be in, and unconditional love. I released judgment and stop beating up on myself.”

~ ZeeZara

“Your grounding techniques are helping me a lot! I’m already feeling a huge difference, and no longer feel the need to put on lots of ‘armor’ in the morning!” 

~ Frost

“I have struggled for years being super sensitive and a crier. I read your tip about planting your feet. This came in handy as I was at a meeting where a gal was telling her story about her childhood that was terribly upsetting. I was beginning to feel the tears well up. We were sitting down. I took both of my feet and planted them firmly on the floor. This simple act stopped the tears!! I listened to the rest of her story with sympathy but I didn’t cry. I felt like I had a way to look out for myself and be attentive to her.”

~ Chris H.

“Thank You. So Much. I cried – and still am. I was searching the web for definitions that would help me make a connection between Eckhart Tolle’s “Consciousness” and the “Muse” that talks to me like “The Holy Spirit” in The Course In Miracles when I came upon your site – it’s real!! OMG. We are love and we are here to love. The rest are just details.”

~ Robert

“Thank you so much for the letter. I’ve not read anything so beautifully written about the absolute depth of “me”. Stick Girl made me realize that, indeed, I AM LOVE. Always thinking my being sensitive was a flaw due to all the pain, hurt & being totally misunderstood, I now see that differently. I do love. I do hurt for others. I do cry out of sheer emotional distresses in my life. Everything leaves a footprint in my mind & soul out of love.”

~ Dorothy

“I feel so much better after our exercises. Thank you so much. I don’t feel as edgy or angry all the time. And the best part is not feeling so empty.  I so appreciate you and your courses and coaching. You really do know what it’s like to be an empath and are a real gem for how you have helped me find my balance.”

~ Sherry H.



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